With aesthetic design in our DNA, we’re obsessed with making complex things simple. Our software helps you visualize your projects in a way never before possible.



We look to automate things so you don’t have to worry about them. For example, automatically re-scheduling your tasks based on what you’ve completed.

Protected under US Patent #8893140 B2.


Artificial Intelligence

Our AI bot assistant distributes work and manages conflicting tasks, deadlines and schedules. It handles the resulting domino effects of the rescheduling of each team member's schedule.

Protected under US Patent #20130191836 A1.

At Life Coded we're powering human intuition with artificial intelligence to replace mid-level management.

Our Products

manages teamwork


manages communication

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At Life Coded, our goal is to help teams work more efficiently, improve communication, and automate management, so teams can accomplish big things together in less time. Join us.

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