Life Coded is a group of engineers, coders, designers and entrepreneurs that work in agile teams, on huge multi-year problems. With aesthetic design in our DNA, we’re obsessed with making our products as visually clean and simple as possible.

Every day we work hard to make complex things simple. Our mission is in our name:
Life Coded – software that integrates with life.

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Our Products


Mosaic aims to be the simplest way for teams to work together, organizing all project information in one place. Easily create projects, assign tasks, add status updates and notes, and set milestones and schedules. Personal and project schedules are handled with a patented automation feature, while AI components facilitate communication and serves as your personal assistant.

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Chello In development

Chello (in development) is automating your teams' project communication, handling everything you've asked and been asked to do. In between is infinitely scaling big data including email, messaging, files and tasks. Chello integrates with Mosaic for the management of those tasks.

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